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Warning About False Hijama and Cupping Practitioners

Plastic Cupping and Pumps

The actual technical aspects of cupping / hijama therapy are relatively easy to master especially when utilizing the newer plastic cups and hand pumps which avoids the necessity for a practitioner to learn the proper way to perform fire cupping.  This in part explains the explosion of unqualified practitioners currently offering cupping therapy. 

You are literally risking your health when you patronize these false practitioners.  

We could share a number of horror stories we have heard from people falling prey to these fraudulent practitioners. If you elect to utilize these practitioners we can only say that we warned you against it and we pray you do not learn the hard way or become harmed in any way.  

Plastic cups and pumps are dangerous and should never be used. Yes, they are more convenient and easier to use. Yes, clients prefer them because most are afraid of fire.  Nonetheless, plastic cups and pumps should never be utilized. This growing trend is both dangerous and problematic on a number of different levels.

Applying to many cups to a client is another health risk you may likely encounter when patronizing non-Ijaaza hijama or cupping practitioners. The resulting blisters seen in the picture below are caused by excessive suction and prolonged application. if this is happening to the outside of the body what is happening inside? The vast majority of cupping practitioners using plastic cups have learned from watching videos on-line and have never been properly vetted for high moral character. if no other precautions are taken when selecting a hijama practitioner, at the very least only accept those who use fire cupping techniques. The use of these machines makes the dangers all the more prevalent. 

The properties and benefits of fire go far beyond the added sterility they provide. While beyond the scope of this explanation potential candidates whom we train are schooled in many of these advanced spiritual and physical benefits of using fire cupping. Suffice it to say here, it is very important for the effective process of proper hijama and cupping therapy. 

Proper Ijaaza Practitioners 

Authorized Hijama and Cupping Practitioners are vetted first and foremost for high moral standards and an intuitive healing character. They are not really trained, but more appropriately discovered and then endorsed by a qualified teacher able to issue an ijaaza to practice hijama or cupping. They adhere to much higher standards and practices and are focused on helping people, not making money. In truth, they are true servants to humanity for the sake of their Lord and Creator. They are the modern day shamans and healers of our time.  

Anyone Can Hang a Shingle 

With the technical aspects of cupping therapy being relatively easy to perform the number of unqualified cupping therapist and practitioners are exploding. Certification, as discussed below is not the best solution although it would provide some standards. Buyer beware when you see the use of plastic cups and pumps, run far away. When you see the emphasis on money, escape while you can with your good health. A practitioner is only as good as the qualifications of the teacher who endorsed his practice. If not being trained by an authentic and qualified ijaaza trainer, never accept treatment from these practitioners and frauds.

Certification and Degree Programs 

As we are witnessing in both the increasingly corrupt medical profession and academic institutions, certification and degree programs are all to often a means of protecting or unionizing an industry and predominately sanctioning the certificate or degree holder, more than a system to morally vet and train professionals.  In short, they are nothing more than businesses run for profit. 

As is the case in the cupping or hijama field certification programs have become a means to legitimize practitioners who are unable to meet the rigorous ijaaza training requirements. These practitioners are in business and seek to have a system of authorization to endorse their practice. They begin certification programs without an ijaaza or even a certification of their own. Created from thin air, certification not only becomes a means to endorse their own practice but another source of income issuing certification training. Anyone with the money can with little difficult receive a certificate to practice. Programs and certificates are being offered over the internet without any practical training whatsoever. Do not be fooled by fake titles and degrees. 

Share Your Hijama and Cupping Horror Stories With Others 

We receive calls all the time with stories about fraudulent practitioners making all sorts of false claims and doing harm to persons seeking healing. Please consider sharing your story with others so they may better understand the dangers of patronizing fraudulent cupping and hijama practitioners. 



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A Warning about False Cupping / Hijama Practitioners  More Info
Authorized Ijaaza Cupping Instructor - Classes Forming Now