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In a similar manner to a Jewish Rabi, trained under the direct care and supervision of a Master Rabinical "Mohel" expert in the common religious practice of circumcision, our authorized Hijama (Cupping) practitioners are not only trained in the traditional religious practice of hijama (cupping) therapies central to the proper treatment programs, they are also carefully vetted persons found to have high moral character and spiritually advanced hearts.  A practice lost in most medical programs that is crucial to real healing. An important practice that was a common requirement with shamans and healers of old.

Our Clinic's methods combine the use of these highly trained and vetted hijama experts with other alternative health practitioners in the fields of acupuncture, message therapy and other healing modalities to provide clients with a comprehensive health care approach. All practitioners are working towards their own spiritual goals in pursuit of common spiritual paths from various religious disciplines which provides a very wide range of experiences. We invite you all to come join us and see what we have to offer.

Cupping has become very popular with Olympians like Michael Phelps utilizing cupping as a means to increase endurance and manage muscle stiffness and pain. The industry is fraught with persons offering hijama (cupping) outside the high standards required from Ijaaza practitioners who have been well trained and vetted to perform cupping therapy. A true healer and cupping practitioner has developed an intuitive relationship with the healing process and can connect to the patient in a manner few others have mastered. We have treated many patients with aliments that others have deemed to be without a cure or treatment. Fertility is just one of many areas we have had success in helping people achieve good results without the enormous costs associated with other medical treatments. 


The optimal days for hijama (cupping) fall on the odd days in the second half of the lunar calendar excluding Wednesdays and Saturdays.  To receive notification of upcoming optimal cupping days please send us an email. Cupping may be performed on other days but every effort should be made to perform it during the most favored days especially for those with conditions and athletes looking for optimal performance results. 


The Introduction to Hijama Cupping Course is designed to dispel many of the incorrect practices currently being promoted by persons who are not authorized to perform hijama cupping therapy. The course is not only designed to protect this important sunnah (example of the Prophet) from the many frauds entering the field, but to identify those with a real natural God given talent and assist them in obtaining an authorized Ijaaza to perform real hijama cupping therapy. The course is in ten parts running about 50 to 60 minutes each. Students will be required to do some research work and complete a test at the end of the course. Those students wishing to continue and who have been selected to continue will need to enroll and complete a Seven Day Hijama Intensive Course. Those who successfully complete the Hijama Intensive Course will go on to be invited into the Ijaazah Masters Program and will receive free training and support under an authorized Ijaazah Instructor. At that level it becomes our pleasure to teach and serve those who will go on to preserve this important sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw). 

Next course begins December 6th, 2016 and runs through January 3rd 2017ENROLL TODAY!



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A Warning about False Cupping / Hijama Practitioners  More Info
Authorized Ijaaza Cupping Instructor -
Classes Forming Now